Analog galvanic isolator – DC to 1 MHz


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EMCgear Analog isolator ANA-1 is versatile measuring equipment based on high-accuracy optical isolator in combination with isolated DC-DC converter. Input side is isolated from output as well as power supply jack and doesn’t require separate power supply.

Using isolator with oscilloscope and probe, makes probe differential and eliminate galvanic connection between probe and earth reference of the oscilloscope. This allows to make measurements between any two points of scoped circuit without shorting them with probe GND clip (e.g. high-side measurements in SMPS, measurement between floating points,..)

Thanks to the excellent accuracy can be also used for any type of measurements in DC / AC with basic accuracy better than 1%.

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– Wide frequency range from DC up to 1 MHz
– Excellent out of the box accuracy, perfectly flat frequency characteristics
– Compatible with the most oscilloscope probes, multimeters and other measurement systems
– Input side completely galvanic isolated with isolation barrier of 4200V / > 10 G Ohm
– Downloadable compensation data

Technical parameters

Input / output terminal BNC female
Input impedance 1 M Ohm
Input parasitic capacitance < 10 pF
Input voltage range ± 25 V DC/AC
Output impedance 100 Ohm *)
Output voltage range ± 2.5 V DC/AC
Output noise < 2 mV AC RMS
Output zero offset < 10 mV
Operating frequency (operating range) DC to 1 MHz
Operating frequency (cutoff frequency) 1 MHz
Input/output ratio (lin. / log.) 10:1 / -20 dB
Input/output ratio error (lin. / log.) < 1 % / < 0,5 dB
Isolation barrier 4200 V
Isolation resistance > 10 G Ohm
Power supply voltage 12 ± 2 V DC
Power supply terminal Jack 5.5/2.5mm
Current consumption Max. 100 mA
Operating temperature 23 ± 5 °C

*) To maintain specified accuracy, do not apply external load < 1 MOhm to device output.

Scope of delivery

Analog galvanic isolator, DC to 1 MHz ANA-1
Power adapter 110-230V AC to 12 V / 1 A (EU/US plug)
Compensation data (downloadable)


Product datasheet