About near field probes

Each designer was facing the situation when its product was exceeding EMI regulatory limits and therefore entire qualification was delayed.  

Our near field probe set could help you quickly identify noise sources and find the right solution to suppress them.

EMCgear Near field probe set includes full range of the most versatile type of probes to cover all daily tasks of engineer.

Supplied RF amplifier significantly increases resolution of probes and makes analysis of weak signals much easier.

In general, there are two types of near field probes widely used.

Magnetic field probe (or H-probe) has circular head and simply say works like lasso for magnetic field in its proximity.

Probe is sensitive on change of magnetic field (dH/dt), therefore its output will correspond to change of current flowing thru scoped loop in time (dI/dt).

From principle of operation maximum sensitivity of this probe is achieved while vector of measured magnetic field points perpendicular to the center of the probe head, like shown on the following picture.

Electric field probe (or E-probe) is equipped with pin head and sense change of electric field in its proximity (dE/dt). Output signal from this type of probe reflect change of voltage potential (dV/dt) around its pin.

During identification of noise sources, we suggest to start with the largest H-probe, i.e. NFP-H25 and do some pre-scan around investigated PCB or assembly. Then we can proceed with the smaller one and focus on entire suspicious electronic components or PCB traces. The smaller types e.g. NFP-H15 / H10 or E-1 offer higher selectivity within reduced sensing area while still maintaining high sensitivity.